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What If I Fly is a maker of art jewelry and art works and it was born out of our love for porcelain. Our creations are almost exclusively hand-crafted porcelain pieces of jewelry and objects. Though we have a passion for making things with our hands and that shall remain our main focus, we are also passionate about technology and we like to incorporate some of its fantastic benefits in our work.

We believe all art objects carry a part of their maker’s soul. Therefore, we are devoted to only creating from our heart’s truth. We are not only art and jewelry makers. We are emotion makers.


We add value to our lives and implicitly to our customers’ lives by standing for our souls’ truth.

Our works tell true stories. They speak of joy, sadness, tenderness, heartbreak, anger, hope and the entire spectrum of human emotions. Mostly, they speak of love. This is probably why they seem alive.

By allowing more time for crafting our art and by strictly selecting the pieces that we present to our customers, we deliver our best stories to the world.

We’d rather finish less pieces and be happy with the result, than a larger number of unsatisfactory ones.

This does not interfere with our commitment to constantly expand our team and display our art in countries all over the world.


Beasts and Their Humans


African Affair





What the two Ancas put around our necks and wrists is amazingly beautiful and touching. With What If I Fly pieces I feel adorned, not accessorised. I have a very special connection and exchange with every piece of porcelain or metal that I chose from their collections. And that, to me, is very rare and precious.
Claudia Stroe, Friend, client and author of “The Book That Wrote Me”

What if I fly makes a simple visionary statement of our core humanity with each and every work they create. From a sensual female figure to an intriguing animal form, they entice our heart and spark our imagination

Sergio Gomez, Friend, client, artist, curator and creative entrepreneur.

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