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“What if I…?”

“What if…?”

“What if I fail?”


What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly? Erin Hanson wrote.
What If I Fly’ (Porcelain Stories) was born from such questions. It came as an answer in a context where no answer feels clear, palpable.

It is an invitation to fly, to confidently float as life leads us.

We are Anca Popescu  (porcelain artist) and Anca Negescu (cultural manager and curator). Together we have created this brand which tells porcelain stories.

Art jewelry is our way of bringing porcelain art closer to a wider audience.

We are immensely grateful to all the friends who helped us with this project.

Ciprian Udrescu drew our logo and he is the master photographer behind most of our photos. Thank you so much, Cipiran. 🙂 <3

Miluță Flueraș helped us make the launch film, for which several dear friends joined us with enthusiasm.

Thank you all from the bottom our hearts.


WHAT IF I FLY Porcelain Stories is a studio that creates porcelain jewelry and porcelain artworks. Founded in Bucharest in 2016 by cultural manager Anca Negescu and contemporary artist Anca Popescu, What If I Fly combines art and design, promoting the concept of art jewelry. Each object is hand-crafted from porcelain and painted with gold, platinum and porcelain colors, some pieces being mounted in silver. More recently, we have expanded our portfolio by including silver and gold jewelry created after our designs.

The studio’s signature objects are the porcelain doll pendants, 4, to 10cm tall, with movable arms and legs.

Anca Popescu started by creating porcelain dolls of various sizes, as art works. Most ladies who saw them wanted to wear them as jewelry. This is how Anca’s creations became at the same time works of art and pieces of jewelry. In the meantime, her creations have significantly increased in variety.

The porcelain is fired in the kiln three times, reaching temperatures as high as 1240 degrees in the glazing phase.

Each porcelain object is unique. Some objects are created as series, but there are no two identical objects, as they are all hand-crafted.


Anca Popescu, creative director.

Anca Popescu s-a născut în 1983 în București. În 2010 s-a specializat în arta porțelanului, absolvind cursul profesorului Danayl Nikolsen (Bulgaria). Licență (2006) și Master (2008) în arte plastice la Universitatea Națională de Arte din București.

În calitate de artist plastic, Anca Popescu creează atât opere de artă, cât și bijuterii din porțelan, care la rândul lor sunt opere de artă în miniatură.

Anca este reprezentată de către Artfooly Gallery (București), unde a participat la expoziții de artă contemporană cu sculpturi din porțelan.

Anca Popescu

Anca Negescu, CEO. 

Anca Negescu este proprietar și curator al galeriei de artă contemporană Artfooly Gallery, din București. Din activitatea galeriei s-au desprins treptat noi proiecte, cum ar fi magazinul de artă al galeriei, The Slice of Art, sau What If I Fly (Porcelain Stories). Toate aceste proiecte s-au născut din dragoste de artă și din fascinație pentru diversitatea creației.

Anca Negescu