• Less is More: pandant miniatural din porțelan pictat cu aur. Sferă. Sub 1cm. Șnur textil ajustabil pe lungime (diverse culori), cu elemente de fixare din argint. Se recomandă a fi purtat la baza gâtului, singur sau împreună cu un pandant mai mare (precum în imagina de prezentare a produsului). Pandantul păpușă se vinde separat. Artist: Anca Popescu  
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    Porcelain doll pendant. Approx. 6cm tall. Hand-crafted. White porcelain hand-painted with platinum. The arms and the legs of the doll are movable. The joints of the doll are made from silver. It comes on an adjustable textile thread with silver fixtures. Price in euro: 140 euro. Here you can order a skirt for your doll, out of the available skirts at the moment you place order. The skirt is also hand-crafted, it sells separately and it costs 50 lei / 13 euro. With each order we will confirm colors and availability of skirts in stock. Artist: Anca Popescu    
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    Matte Bat

    500,00 lei
    Bat necklace of the “Beasts and Their Humans” collection. Handcrafted.  Matte white porcelain, unglazed. Approx: 4cm tall x 9,5 cm wide. Artist: Anca Popescu Price in euro: 140 eur. The necklace has an adjustable textile thread. __ Pandant din porțelan mat. Liliac. Face parte din colecția "Beasts and Their Humans". Șnur textil reglabil cu elemente de fixare din argint. Artist: Anca Popescu
  • Oval porcelain pendant. Hand-crafted white porcelain. Hand-painted with porcelain colors and gold. Approx. 3,8 x 2,5cm. Metallic loop: gold-plated silver. It comes on a textile thread. Best worn close to the base of the neck. *Upon request (via email / What’s App / Facebook Messenger), we can transfer this pendant on a chain of your choice for an extra cost, varying according to  the chain model (it can be silver, gold-plated silver or gold and we can provide photos of our available models when we receive your request). You can also transfer it on a chain that you own, of course. 🙂 Artist: Anca Popescu