Accesory for porcelain dolls: skirt

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Miniature textile skirt – accessory for porcelain dolls. Various colors.

Each What If I Fly porcelain doll becomes a family member and we come to love her like a true friend. We ourselves love our own porcelain dolls. That’s why we have created a wardrobe for them. You can wear your porcelain doll pendant simply as it is or you can change her outfit as you like.

The skirts are made from silk, tule, cotton or lace, the have silver tiny stoppers at the back and can be various colors. The are hand made.

Please specify your desired color with your order. If you forget, we shall ask you when confirming the order. 🙂

Price in euro: 15 euro.

Please note that we can only confirm the available colors at the moment the order is placed.


6 in stock

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