Black Matte Pig

500,00 lei

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Black mass-colored porcelain pig necklace. Matte (not glazed). Hand crafted. Hand painted with gold.

Dimensions of pig: approx. 4,5cm wide x 2cm tall.

The pendant comes with an adjustable textile thread with silver fixtures.

140 euro

Artist: Anca Popescu

Out of stock


Porcelain object. Handcrafted.  Porcelain is the most precious of all ceramic materials and it is the most resistant. Each object is unique. Please note that some objects are created as series and they may look very similar, but being handcrafted, they are never identical.

The metallic connecting elements on the object (eg: joints of dolls, fixtures – when it applies) and on the textile thread are made from silver.

The textile threads are adjustable in length and they can be hand washed with liquid soap. In case you wish to replace the textile thread after a while, we can replace it with the thread colors available at that specific moment, for an extra cost.

*Please avoid contact of porcelain object with any chemicals, perfume, salty water, etc in order to preserve it in perfect condition over time.

**Please handle with care as it may break!


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