First Lady & Her Gold Heart

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10 cm porcelain doll necklace with 14k gold heart inside. Part of our “Exposedcollection, launched in  2018.

The arms and the legs of the doll are movable. The 5mm gold heart is made after the artist’s drawing and it also moves inside the doll as the doll moves. Handcrafted porcelain. Hand painted with gold. Unique piece.

Artist: Anca Popescu

! Atention! The doll hangs from a textile thread that is adjustable, which has silver fixtures.

The gold chain in these photos is only for presentation purposes.

Out of stock

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Porcelain object. Handcrafted and handprinted with gold and/or platinum and/or porcelain specific colors. Fired three times. During the glazing phase, the firing temperature reaches 1240°C. Porcelain is the most precious of all ceramic materials and it is the most resistant. Each object is unique. Please note that some objects are created as series and they may look very similar, but being handcrafted, they are never identical.

The metallic connecting elements on the object (eg: joints of dolls, fixtures – when it applies) and on the textile thread are made from silver.

The textile threads are adjustable in length and they can be hand washed with liquid soap.

*Please avoid contact of porcelain object with any chemicals, perfume, salty water, etc in order to preserve it in perfect condition over time.

**Please handle with care as it may break.


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